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I have laboured for some time now over the musing and mapping of the final frontier of 4chan.

Seasons spent shitposting will be naught but a slow woe should no more grow and we do not sough the row.

Ages ago when our ancestors rode with the flow and ran the show they experienced a zeitgeist of their own.

This notion and emotion was the devotion towards the settlement of the frontier and its promotion,

that was their locomotion.

But where is ours?

Where is the zoomer nation?

Why do we refrain from raining down on our own plain?

When will we strain the bane till it is slain so we can fain to take the train leaving Maine?

My point of this is not to just bust the rhyme and atrophy into sophistry but to speak of the collective efforts, ethos and justification for our endeavours.

For a few months now I have been thinking and planning upon the creation, settlement and xenogenesis of our own entity and country for our own and by our own accord.

Let the record go to show that while so far I do not exactly have the best track record for persuading others on the utility and fruitfulness of such a project,

but from now on i'm am going to give it my all, because I have reached the limit of my tolerance with the modern world.

I have wasted time,

i have wasted breath.

But I need to loose myself in this fight to make tonight not the final good night

The more we waste our lives playing their games and live in the industry of illusion,

the more we regress into the abyss.

There is no going back for man and his pursuit,

for our ancestors took the forbidden fruit.

"The machine that we built would never save us, thats what they say, and thats why they ain't coming with us today"

If we cannot abandon the safety of inaction,

We will accomplish nothing of note.

If we don't take action now,

We will settle for nothing later.

We now must show them that we are not the last of yesterday, but the first of tomorrow.